If you are ready to take back control of your life

addiction is not a simple phenomena.

Drug addiction is a neuropsychiatric condition associated with

tremendous medical and social consequences.

Addiction Intercepted Transdermal Lotion

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Unlock freedom from addiction with the power of natural polyphenols – decades of research and countless scientific studies have culminated in a safe, all-natural solution. Say goodbye to cravings for alcohol, cocaine, amphetamine, and opiates.

Revolutionizing Addiction Recovery: Harnessing the Power of Natural Polyphenols

The natural polyphenol way to intercept addiction, after decades of research and many published scientific articles it is now here you being the beneficiary of those efforts block the craving for alcohol, cocaine, amphetamine, opiates with safe, all natural, micronutrient polyphenols.

Extracted and refined from selected berries and because the neurological activity of the polyphenols is vulnerable to oral digestion, it was of limited value, but we have developed a patented transdermal lotion application of the refined extracts which when about 15 drops are rubbed on the skin for a minute or less are absorbed and passed into the circulatory system to reach all parts of the body including the neurological centres in the brain responsible for craving.

Substance abuse is a severe neuropsychiatric condition characterized by cycles of out of control drug intake, persistent use despite negative consequences, and cycles of abstinence and relapse. Despite the consequences, rates of pathological substance abuse have continued to increase over the past decade, with early data suggesting the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the severity of this epidemic of substance abuse.



Substance abuse disorder is widely believed to be the result of a constellation of neuroadaptations that occur through repeated or prolonged drug use. These changes in epigenetic and transcriptional regulation results in altered functional and structural synaptic plasticity. More recently, alterations in systemic inflammation and gut-brain signaling have been implicated in the maladaptive behavioral and synaptic plasticity resulting from substance abuse.


Polyphenols are a class of naturally occurring compounds from botanical sources which are neuroprotective in numerous models of neuropsychiatric disease In a stress-induced model of depression, treatment with polyphenols resulted in increased resilience to the formation of depression-like behaviors. Similar effects have been found in models of neurodegenerative diseases In models of substance use disorders, treatment with polyphenols has been linked to reduced formation of addictive craving and has been shown to decrease maladaptive neuroplasticity.



Polyphenol compounds exert their neuroprotective effects via myriad mechanisms. They are well known to reduce inflammation and alter redox balance Additionally, polyphenols also exert effects on transcriptional control of gene expression and neuronal function linked to addiction.


How do polyphenols work?

Once we make them bioiavailable, among other benefits, they enable greater cellular efficiencies and higher performance. The polyphenols that our one minute application of transdermal lotion makes available facilitates communication among organ systems so they can work together as a team, respond to each other, and change their responses as needed.



The communication between organ systems is controlled mainly by the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine system and  includes the brain, nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory, and the neuro-muscular system and others, facilitating a rapid coordinated response.

Apply about a teaspoon anywhere on your skin and rub in for a few seconds. To initiate absorption. Use daily for at least 6 months or until the addiction is subdued, and then every 2nd day as long as needed.


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