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Ink based and direct electronic fingerprint submission to RCMP or FBI for criminal / security background clearance checks. Accu-metrics is an L-1 Enrollment Services Fingerprinting Location which is recognized by Immigration Canada, the


An accu-metrics exclusive service at no extra cost!
Save valuable time with our auto-expidited service for digital or ink prints. Our exclusive tracking service ensures your prints reach their destination and are being processed as fast as possible.

Save valuable time with our auto-expedited service available for digital or ink prints.


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Accu-Metrics offers ink based and direct electronic fingerprint submission to RCMP or FBI for criminal / security background clearance checks. Accu-metrics is an L-1 Enrollment Services Fingerprinting Location which is recognized by Immigration Canada, the RCMP and the FBI. Electronic fingerprinting offers the benefit of direct submission to the RCMP and can provide results within 72 hours*.

Worry-Free Fingerprinting Services for Permanent Residency and Citizenship

Canadian regulations require you to submit your fingerprints for the purposes of obtaining a background clearance certificate to any jurisdiction world wide where you have resided for more than six months. This is necessary to obtain permanent residency status.

Accu-metrics will ensure your fingerprints will be taken on the correct form and we will send them to the proper authorities.

We will advise you of any fee requirements that must be included with your fingerprint submissions.


Canadian Background Check

Your Canadian background check will be done using digital fingerprints and a certificate will be sent automatically from the RCMP to your citizenship office or wherever you direct saving valuable time.

We offer a complete photo service as per government regulations for immigration, citizenship, and passports. Photos will be taken while you wait.


Accu-metrics will guide and assist you through the entire application process en route to your obtaining Canadian citizenship.

New Photo Service to Comply with Citizenship Canada


We will take the two sets of photos (3 front and 3 profile) needed for Citizenship Canada ensuring that your photos meet their requirements. Note that Immigration Canada insists that in your photos you are not permitted to wear: makeup, earrings, glasses, a beard, moustache, or sideburns.


1) We accept walk-ins, but recommend calling ahead first to avoid waiting.
2) If you have a letter or file number from the requesting source, you must bring it with you.
3) You should bring two pieces of valid government issued identification one of which must be photo ID.


* Fingerprint processing time provided by RCMP and does not include return time for transit through mail. Processing timeframes may take longer due to increased number of inquiries to the RCMP or if a prior criminal history/record is discovered.


Accu-Metrics provides fingerprinting services to any individual requiring a Police Clearance/Certificate in Canada or abroad for:



Immigration to Canada:


Accu-Metrics is an L-1 Enrollment Services Fingerprinting Location, which is a certified fingerprinting service recognized by Immigration Canada and is able to provide both ink and digital/electronic fingerprinting for immigration related background checks (i.e. landed immigrants, refugee status, etc.).

Persons applying for immigration to Canada through a Canadian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission located outside Canada must provide a police clearance issued by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Ottawa. This Police clearance is obtainable only through the submission of fingerprints. Fingerprints submitted directly to the RCMP by an applicant or his/her representative will be returned, with the results, by the RCMP directly to the Canadian post processing the application. Please note they will not be returned to the client or their representative.

Immigration to other countries:


Accu-Metrics is an L-1 Enrollment Services Fingerprinting Location, which is approved and certified to provide fingerprinting services in Canada for persons applying for Immigrant Visas to the USA.

As well as the FBI clearance, visa applicants living in Canada also require a police clearance certificate issued by the RCMP. Fingerprints for this process can be obtained through Accu-Metrics at the same time of fingerprinting for the FBI clearance.

Other Countries:

Most countries require verification of non-criminality through national police records prior to accepting any immigrant. Fingerprints are required in the majority of these cases.




Persons applying for citizenship to any country, for the most part, are required to provide proof of non-criminality through a national police records check. In most cases, this check is conducted through the submission of fingerprints. Fingerprints may be obtained at Accu-Metrics for citizenship to any country in the world.



The majority of large companies and most government departments require a potential employee to undergo a police clearance check prior to hiring. The RCMP will provide this clearance only on the submission of fingerprints. Please note, a record of the fingerprints is not maintained by the RCMP.

International Adoptions

Persons applying for international adoptions must provide a police clearance of non-criminality prior to completing the adoption proceedings. Accu-Metrics provides this service.

U.S. Waivers/Border Crossings


Persons possessing a criminal record in Canada and/or the USA will not be permitted entry into the USA without pre-authorization by the USINS. This pre-authorization is obtained through the US Waiver process. In these cases, there is a requirement for fingerprints from the FBI as well as the RCMP.

FBI: Effective March 1/1997 only designated fingerprinting services are permitted to fingerprint on the FBI card (FD-258). Accu-Metrics has been designated to provide this service.

RCMP: Accu-Metrics provides fingerprinting services for the RCMP for all valid purposes.



Persons applying for a pardon in Canada must obtain a copy of their criminal record for submission with their application. In some cases, the RCMP is unable to locate the search based on the thumbprints provided; in these cases, a full set of fingerprints must be sent to the RCMP. Fingerprinting for this service can be obtained through Accu-Metrics.